The TCS technical team is trained to service and repair ALL makes and models of point-and-shoot digital cameras, DSLRs, film cameras, lenses, flashes, light meters and other accessories.

Toronto Camera Service deals directly with consumers, professionals, extended warranty companies, as well as local and nationwide retailers.

All camera repairs are performed by factory-trained technicians, on-site, with the latest testing equipment to ensure the best quality repairs.

Repairs are returned to the client with a 90 day warranty in the event that an error related to the original repair may occur in the interim.

Does your camera need to be evaluated for damage?

Please read below for a concise protocol for your repair as well as our business policies.

  1. You must bring your unit into our front counter during business hours in order to receive a thorough, documented estimate.
  2. We DO NOT under any circumstances provide estimates via phone or email until your camera or unit has been physically evaluated by one of our technicians.
  3. It usually takes about 1 week to receive an estimate once you have dropped your unit off at our front counter.
  4. At the time of drop off, a one-time, non-refundable $25 estimate fee is due for cameras, lenses, and accessories. The estimate fee also counts as a repair deposit towards whatever amount you are quoted for repairs.
  5. A $35 estimate fee is required for video cameras, and a $150 fee is due for professional video cameras.
  6. 13% HST is added to all estimate fees and repair costs.
  7. Rush repairs CAN be done upon special request- given that all contributing factors jive. A 25% marked-up rate will apply to your repair order. If your unit requires parts- please be advised that 2-5 days will be added on to your projected finish date. If your unit requires parts that are back-ordered: a rush repair cannot be completed as extraneous factors, such as this particular example, are out of our hands.
  8. Older makes and models of cameras and equipment most often require longer turn-around times as materials and parts are sometimes difficult to track down. Please be patient with this process.
  9. In the event that you were promised an exact completion date for your repair and we won’t be able to honour it at the eleventh hour- the head of our technical team can sometimes negotiate a comparable lender unit for your trip or special occasion. This is done on a case by case basis- and preferential treatment is given to the most courteous, understanding individuals!
  10. We do not keep inventory of cameras, accessories, or adaptors/chargers. If you require a replacement battery/charger it will be ordered from the manufacturer. Our rate as a dealer does not decrease as batteries and chargers are considered consumer products.